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While going up the mountain, leaving the city behind, the world seems to transform in an imperceptible instant. The heat, the noise from the cars and their horns, the rush and tension, all dissolve amid nature’s green, which from the foothill begins to invade the space; while farther up, further the invasion. While advancing, the air is each step more pure, the shades of green more intense and the temperature cooler. That’s when you’ll know you’ve arrived at Dapa, a land of smiles where people and other species try to happily coexist. Where birds sing during the day while frog calls fill the night. Where barranqueros dig their nests and hummingbirds buzz around. Where orchids bloom in the morning and fog descends every afternoon. Where the sun shines and water flows, along everything else. Where people live at peace. Dapa’s cloud forest—cornered towards the top of the mountain and forgotten by many—in behalf of the species it houses, invites us to respect and protect its pure air and fresh water. Funcación Ambiental DapaViva was created precisely for this reason. This non-profit, non-governmental organization was established by a group of local environmental idealists who are aware of the responsibility all humans have towards nature. They’ve made it their mission to educate the community as well as bring about conservation and investigation projects. They hope to undo the damage that’s been done to the forest and prevent its imminent destruction. This site is a portal of information regarding DapaViva and its mission. It’s meant to be a tool for the community and for anyone that’s interested in knowing more about this beautiful region and its precious cloud forest. Here you’ll find information about the beauty and biodiversity of the region as well as photos, activities, news, development of projects and more. This site, as well as the work of DapaViva, comes directly from the heart. We hope you like it, and that it brings into your life what for DapaViva is life itself: closeness to nature.